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Our Mission

The Yardley family is passionate about the grass they grow, the cattle we raise, and the beef we produce. We keep them pampered and stress free. The Yardley cattle are raised at an elevation of 6000 ft. where the grass grows slower, and has a higher protein content providing our cattle with the best grass in the USA! Supplied with water from high up in the Tushar Mountains, our perfectly pH balanced water in Beaver Utah is renowned nationwide.

Family owned and operated for over 100 years, and nurtured with clear air, fresh grass, and the best water in the United States, this is what makes our Yardley Premium Grazer Beef.

Our Beef is Grazer Certified and USDA Approved.

Our Legacy

Yardley Premium Grazer Beef

We keep it simple by providing the finest beef in the United States from our ranch to your doorstep.