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Ready to get started with cleaner, safer meat for your family? This box delivers the broadest variety of the Sampler Boxes, and it’s the perfect choice if you’re not yet ready to invest in our wholesale beef. With 5 premium cuts, the dinner options are endless. So relax, and enjoy mealtime with your family knowing you’re feeding them with the best quality meat from a brand you trust.

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Dinner Is Served!

Get started serving your family cleaner, safer meat. The kids are going to love this one, and so will you!

All weights are approximate

Yardley Family Favorites

2Rib Eye Steaks10-12 oz each
2Ground Burger1 lb each
1Short Ribs2 lbs
1Chuck Roast3 lbs
2Tenderloin Filets5-6 oz each

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 12 in


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